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Hello, I'm Maddie!
What's your favorite day of the week?

I can't wait to meet you!


Tuesdays were always my favorite day in school, it was art day. The one day wasn't enough for me. I started my love for photography in high school. No surprise that I went to college to study art. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art, with a Minor in Art History from the University of Cincinnati with the Design, Architecture, Art and Planning Program. In college I took a step back from photography to focus on other topics of art. I started my business journey in March of 2020. Right now I am full, but I make time for other passions! 

  I have many passions and marching band color guard is one of them. I coach color guard and the kids are my second family. I may or may not have a coffee addiction. I'm quirky and my dad jokes make dad's laugh. My favorite thing though, is going on walks with my partner, Rion, and our dog, Evie!

My mission, as a photographer, is to capture the small moments that we don't notice pass by. A laugh, a smile, and a feeling are just a few moments that are my favorite to photograph.  

I'm so excited to capture your special moments!

Contact me

Tel: 937.694.7617


Social Media

Insta: mb_photography.jpg

Facebook: @mblommelphotography

TikTok: @mb_photography.jpg

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